Employers & Groups

The DPC Model Helps Employers And Groups
Save Up To 30% On Health Care Benefits.*

#1 Network of
DPC Providers

Guided by Dr. Brian Forrest and other DPC leaders, Twin Oaks works with the largest and only nationwide network of DPC doctors, plus we have the ability to recruit providers in areas where employers need market coverage.

Designed for
Employers & Groups

Employers and Groups can now offer their employees and members a DPC benefit option with their choice of thousands of participating primary care providers.

Employer Platform

Twin Oaks makes it possible for employers and groups to offer DPC plans to their employees and members, supported by the simplicity of the first and only fully integrated billing and payment system.

Consistent Pricing
& Group Savings

Employers and patients benefit from standardized pricing for DPC services and our cost savings on tests, imaging and other referred services, thanks to group purchasing arrangements.

Convenience for

Employees and group members can find their new DPC doctor and enroll on-line using the platform.

Better Primary Care,
Reduced Absenteeism
  • Same day appointments
  • More flexible availability
  • Pro-active doctor relationships
  • No co-pays, deductibles, etc.
Usage and
Satisfaction Reports

Employers and groups receive anonymized reports showing usage and satisfaction.

Data Security
and Privacy

In business since 1991, independent and debt-free, Twin Oaks is stable and has and maintains all the essential certifications needed to assure our clients of the security and privacy of their data.

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