Direct Primary Care ("DPC") is a medical practice business model in which a basic bundle of primary medical care services is provided for a fee that approximates their actual cost and which is less than the cost of similar care provided via traditional insurance due to savings on insurance coding and billing overhead.

As leading pure and hybrid DPC practices nationwide add hundreds and thousands of patients -- with some billed by EFT, some by invoice, and more and more through DPC platforms (such as Accresa), the need for a membership billing and communication interface has grown to be an absolute necessity.

Twin Oaks offers the Systems and Software tools to help progressive DPC practices confidently manage and grow all their reliable recurring revenue streams, which is the key to long term business success.

  • Custom branding for your office check-in, website and patient offer screens.
  • On-line services enable Patients to enroll, change billing information, book appointments, buy and pay for service packages, etc.
  • Standard reports include detailed billing reports that tie out to the penny. Custom reports can be generated using custom fields. All reports can be printed or exported.
  • Paperless contracts, using your own DPC Agreement, to eliminate paper contracts and filing.
  • Marketing features include: email blast, labels, mail merge and referral system.
  • Prepaid series plans, with payroll attribution upon redemption.
  • Invoice billing, statements, payroll deduction list billing.
  • Flexible appointment booking by provider for unlimited office locations, with email reminders.
  • Revenue management module allows for accrual or cash-based double entry accounting, can handle one or more sites, and includes a time clock function and payroll reports.
  • Audit trail enables you to identify all changes made to patient billing data, when made and by who.
  • Our software is developed 100% in-house, ensuring the highest quality and functionality.
  • We do all billing internally (i.e. don’t outsource) which keeps processing costs low and throughput high.
  • Comprehensive DPC recurring revenue management software with many features developed to meet the needs of thousands of clients. If you need a feature but don’t see it, please ask us. It’s probably in there.
  • Our software interfaces with the leading nation-wide DPC benefits platform (Accresa) that has the most participating providers and thus maximum appeal to hundreds of thousands of employers and groups with millions of employees and members. New patients post directly to your database.
  • We receive platform-billing payroll deduction payments, post to them to A/R, automatically flag and unflag delinquent patient groups, follow up on missing or late payments, etc. We also offer recurring EFT billing (credit card, checking, savings, credit union) and get 7% to 11% higher output than companies that outsource the billing process.
  • Our licensed and bonded returns management team professionally and courteously resolves EFT billing issues at no cost to you (conditions apply).
  • Our proprietary key tag system facilitates patient check-in, promotes your practice and builds loyalty. Patient usage and satisfaction data is aggregated into anonymized reports for renewal marketing.
  • We offer regularly scheduled group training webinars, training materials, and even one-on-one tech support (fee applies in some situations) to ensure you have the support you need.
  • Twin Oaks has all necessary certifications, including PCI DSS, PA/DSS, SOC-1, HIPAA and GAAP.